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Here are joined together and presented events, interventions, studies relating to the interventions, behaviors, hostile standpoint of the USA towards the people of planet. You are invited to enrich this base by data of your own information

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other current events in french language
09.20.03 - US Occupation IRAQ: Slaughter Every Night
08.20.03 - Pesticides in Coca
05.26.03 - Alaska and Hawaii refuse the USA Patriot Act
05.26.03 - Accept our OGM if not we let us not help you to fight against the AIDS
05.21.03 - G 8: USA,  international employers, capitalist governments organize theirs predations
05.20.03 - The USA tackle the guilty European Union to be opposed to the OGM
05.18.03 - Paul Bremer (old of the administration Reagan and Directeur of Kissinger Associate)
05.13.03 - The USA want to specialize their army in the inversion of modes
05.06.03 - The US project Patriot Act II authorizes the CIA with espionner the american citizens
04.28.03 - USA hold and torture teenagers of less than 16 years with Guantanamo
04.27.03 - How the US government will proceed to weaken the role of the United Nations
04.18.03 - Why the United States threatens Syrie et Iran?
04.17.04 - Not contradicted revelations: colonialism and impérialisme
04.06.03 - World day counters US colonialism April 12
04.04.03 - To maintain the supremacy of the dollar on the euro and currency controls it: the war
03.31.03 - Drift of the mode of George W Bush: The United States restores torture
03.28.03 - Call so that UNO decides withdrawal of the foreign military forces of Iraq
03.20.03 - Creation of an Axis of Peace against the american military aggression in Iraq
03.20.03 - The war, like strategy industrial
03.18.03 - War is not a play: the USA place themselves out the international Law
03.15.03 - Another american diplomat  of the Bush administration resigns
03.14.03 - Double language: the USA provide the North Korea on the nuclear power
03.10.03 - AGCS:  economic arms of  American Empire
03.10.03 - Climbing in the psychological warfare of the USA against the no-soummission
03.09.03 - Statement of envoy of John Paul II to President Bush
03.06.03 - Resignation of a diplomat of the Bush administration
02.05.03 - Inspector sending to control the armament of the USA
01.28.03 - 41 American Nobel Prize against the war in Iraq
01.27.03 - An American weapon counters the European countries: variola
01.07.03 - A general questioning of the Rights of Man ? Does the military rhetoric of the United States mask 
01.07.03 - Threats on Iraqi Kurdistan: a USA-Turkey agreement: After-Saddam Hussein reserves surprises
01.03.03 - Armament: Dealer (the USA) reproach with his customer (Iraq) to have the goods that it sold to him
01.02.03 - The secret device of US propaganda in Europe: Rumsfeld targets France and Germany to eliminate the political leaders, the companies and the
intellectuals who oppose the United States
11.28.02 - Nomination by G.W Bush of Henry Kissinger to the head of the board of inquiry into the attack of September 11 2001 against the turns of World Trade Center
11.22.02 - Will international: law the supply oil be the justification of the war ?
11.22.02 - Biological weapons : the United States sabotage the protocol of control
10.03.02 - Call to resistance « Not in our name » . More of 25 000 citizens of States signed a call to resistance vis-a-vis the military and integrist drift of their government.
09.26.02 - Great simulation " Millenium Challenge 2002 " of the war in Iraq: Apocalypse Tomorrow
10.26.01 - Installation of " Patriot Act " which limits the personal freedoms to the USA
09.15.01 - Message of Arvol Looking Horse, Indian Chief of the Dakota , Lakota and Nakota nations - Call in favour of the Peace and the Rescue of the planet (transmitted   4 days after the attack of World' S Trade Center)

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