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the Bush Clan: Fascist of Wire Father

Prescot Bush, the grandfather of the current President, was the financier of Hitler. George Bush father, old directing of the CIA who armed Saddam Hussein, manages the profit holding of the government orders placed by the current President, his son, G-W.Bush.  George Walter Bush is member of the secret society of extreme right " Skull and Bones "

("George Bush, The Unauthorized Biography " by Webster G. Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin, 1992, by The Executive Intelligence Review. )

Brown Brothers, with Averell Harriman, Rockefeller family, Standard Oil, DuPonts, Morgans and Fords contributed to the financing of the rise to the capacity of Adolph Hitler as from 1923 by serving d’outil to him financial.

The grandfather of George W Bush, Prescott Bush, was the director of management of the bank of businesses Brown Brothers, Harriman since the years 1920 years 1940.

In addition to the direct financing d’Hitler that of the SS and SA was carried out by the means d’une variety of German companies.

Prescott Bush, associed via the Company managing the maritime line of ship with vapor Hamburg-Amerika Steamship, the banker Nazi Fritz Thyssen, the Standard Oil of Germany, German Steel Trust (founded by the
founder of Dillon Read, Clarence Dillon), and with the I.G. Farben.

It used the Union Bank Corporation to direct vast quantities of money towards the Nazis and to control their interests in America. Thyssen is universally regarded as having been the private banker of Hitler and the final owner of the Union Bank Corporation. … the benefit of these investments were distributed with the allies of Bush with Wall Street.

Moreover, in 1942, the report of investigation of the government of the United States - which A remakes surface during hearings of the senate in 1945 -, underlined that the Bank Union, with Prescott Bush in the direction, was " an active lever " of German Steel Trust which produced:

. 50.8% cast iron of Germany Nazi
. 41.4% universal sheet of Germany Nazi
. 36% strong sheet of Germany Nazi
. 38.5% coated sheet of Germany Nazi
. 45.5% pipes and tubes of Germany Nazi
. 22.1% wire of Germany Nazi
. 35% explosives of Germany Nazi

The business connections establish by Bush in 1923 continued even after the war started.

This is not that constrained and forced, « after the law of 1942 controlling the trade with the ennemi », that the American government noting the part played by the Union Banking Corporation, in which Bush was a director, which Alien Property Custodian American seized the shares of the Union Banking Corp »

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october 9 2001

On the links of the current President of the United States with the fascists.

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