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September 26 2002

Great simulation " Millenium Challenge 2002 " of the war in Iraq : Tomorrow Apocalypse

If nobody doubts, taking into account the report/ratio of forces completely unbalanced, that the USA can quickly reverse Saddam Hussein and install a president won over to their interests, will they be able to impose Pax Americana and to exploit the Iraqi oil wells peacefully, vis-a-vis a population deeply hostile and formed with resistance armée ? The operations Millenium Challenge 2002 bring brief replies.

The United States programmed, of July 24 at August 15 2002, largest manœuvres of the history militaire : Millenium Challenge 2002 (Mc 02). They were to make it possible to test new materials and to validate the new tactical concept " of decisive fast operation "(Rapid Decisive Operation - RDO). Initially conceived on the model of an attack of Iran, they had been modified to become a general repetition of the American triumph in Iraq.

For this gigantic role play, the Defence Department had decided to mix real phases and simulated phases. For the real manœuvres, it had mobilized 13 500 men, of which XVIIIe Division airborne. For simulations in room of command, it had acquired the technological tools used in Hollywood for the realization of the Gladiator film.
Islands of San Nicola and San Clemente, off California, and the desert of Nevada had been evacuated to be used as theatre of operations. This vice of average required a budget of 235 million dollars.

According to the scenario of these manœeuvres, a faction extremist of an oil-producing country of the Middle East was to seize a small island located in the Arabo-Persian Gulf stopping the circulation of the supertankers. The market disruption of the oil which followed, disturbed the international economy. It proved whereas the enemy (called " red country ") held weapons of massive destruction and threatened his neighbors then. New once, the United States was constrained to intervene to save the world.

To disorganize the unfavourable forces, the USA would resort to penetrating bombs causing a ground mini-tremor in the capital, while the CIA fomented interior disorders. Then, the American forces bombarded 14 500 predetermined targets, while starting by destroying the systems of anti-aircraft defence, then by destroying the centers of command and transmission.

These maneuvres was to also be the occasion to arbitrate the internal conflicts US staff by showing the validity of the various strategic and tactical options. He followed from there a certain confusion in the scenario itself, since one at the same time claimed to lead "decisive fast operations " (RDO) and to plan nevertheless 14 500 bombardments. To control the forces of the " red country ", the Defence Department had chosen the lieutenant-General Paul Van Riper, a veteran of Vietnam accustomed to brocarder the tactical concepts of
Rand Corporation. For this fighter, the RDO is only a " branlette of intello ", and the soldiers did not await " bureaucrates " of the Pentagon to wish to lead the wars as soon as possible by carrying the vital organs of the enemy. Especially, Van To scrape, marked by its experiment Vietnamese, affirmed that the US forces were unable to adapt and to make! vis-a-vis a popular army of the using Third World of the not-orthodoxe tactics. According to him, whatever the fire power of the Air Force, the occupation and the pacification of a country are always regulated by the infantry, with the body with body. In short, there is neither " war zero died ", nor " clean war ".

After having studied the attack of the USS Cole, Van Riper imagined the possibilities of attacks commando of the buildings crossing off California. It gave instruction to its men not to communicate by radio, nor even by telephone, and to use only messengers with motor bike. Instantaneously the US forces became deaf with its projects. To the thirteenth day, when its device was ready, it gave its order of attack by making it transmit by the call of the muezzin. Taken with deprived, the American army deplored in a few hours the loss of 16
buildings, of which an aircraft carrier and of two helicopter carriers. The manœuvres turned to the disaster. The staff summoned Van Riper to cease his attack and to agree to lose as envisaged, then, in front of his refusal, decided to stop " War Game " to stop the rout, and a substitute with mission indicated to him of finding an
exit in conformity with the image which the United States is made of their superiority.

Thom Saint-Pierre (by Reseau Voltaire)

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